Freelancers’ woes

Pakistan’s freelancers are facing the serious challenge in terms of foreign remittances. While countries like Sri Lanka and Somalia are getting the facilities of PayPal, a global payment service provider, it is still nowhere in sight for Pakistani freelancers. Despite being fourth on the list of busiest freelance destination globally, Pakistan has not been able to attract PayPal to even get placed in the queue awaiting registration.
Ironically, the matter slips into oblivion after its customary 15 minutes of fame every time someone writes about it in mainstream or social media.
In the current crisis where the state is confronted with economic turmoil and political vengeance, freelancing is the only source of bringing dollars into the country. It appears that the Ministry of Information Technology has gone into hibernation after the arrival of some big names in Pakistan.Where the progress in IT sector is necessary, the revival of global organisations is no less important. Succinctly, the authorities concerned should wake up to the reality of life in the modern world. Let us do it for the sake as much of freelancers’ bread and butter as of the national exchequer which is getting dried up all the time.

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