Misuse of courts

Over the last few months, squabbling political parties have all but hijacked the judicial system. Every day we read of courts being asked to provide judgements on this or that political issue, or to deal with the arrest or bail of this or that political bigwig.

The courts are there to provide judgement on criminal cases, hand down punishments to those found guilty, and to adjudicate civil disputes. Clogging up the courts with political matters just makes life even more miserable for the tens of thousands of people awaiting trial on criminal charges, and for businesses and private citizens who are awaiting decisions related to commercial transactions, property matters, inheritance issues and divorce settlements.

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One may also see the decision to court arrests by the main opposition party in the same light. The prisons in Pakistan are chronically under-funded and under-staffed. Increasing the number of inmates with political workers will make life even more difficult for staff and inmates.

Besides, the judiciary now has to take care of the various cases seeking release of those who courted arrest on their own. The ultimate sufferers are the people.



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