The bright side

Pakistan is in the middle of a grave economic crisis. In these testing times, it is necessary to cultivate optimism than hopelessness among people. We all are aware of the critical value of being positive in our attitude and approach, but we are unable to practise it because we do not know how to exercise optimism the right way.

First, we need to understand that positive thinking is a mindset developed and nurtured gradually. The mind needs to be trained to see every situation positively. It then becomes inclined to see the bright side of everything. Our teachers, trainers and mentors can help us accomplish this.

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Moreover, positive thinking has more to do with emotions than with our mind. We need to feel good to truly reap the fruits of positive thinking. Spirituality, exercise and music can help us be in the right frame of mind.

Besides, the best way to learn is through inspiration. We best imbibe things when we see practical examples of success. If we observe high achievers in our daily lives, we can easily see that the common trait among all such souls is their positive outlook towards life. By being around other happy, successful go-getters, we, too, can have some of that energy.



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