Law officers enjoying hefty salaries at Advocate General office

LAHORE: Law officers In Punjab Advocate General office are enjoying hefty salaries ranging from Rs 0.5 to 0.6 million a month, it was revealed on Friday.

The report said that number of judges in high court are 41 while sanctioned strength of law officers in Advocate General office is 98. However, after a stay order by high court number these officers has reached 150.

Sources said the advocates working as law officers in Advocate General office are drawing big salaries ranging from five to six lac a month. Former chief minister Parvez Elahi had increased sanctioned strength of law officers to 98, reported added quoting sources. Now, after a stay order issued by high court, the number of law officers has gone up to 150, more than three times the number of judges.

After the stay order, 150 law officers will assist 41 judges at high court as amici curiae. Ninety-eight law officers were reinstated after the stay order given by the high court. Two law officers had decided

Against moving the highest court of the province for their restoration.

On the other hand, at Advocate General office law officers are more in number and offices and staff for them is lesser in number. Three law officers are being accommodated in a single room.


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