Quality assurance test in more than 7,000 PEF schools

LAHORE: The managing director of the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF), Manzar Javed Ali, has approved a major Quality Assurance Test (QAT) to be conducted in over 7,000 schools across Punjab.

The QAT will be administered to 326,167 students enrolled in PEF-partnered schools under the Foundation Assisted Schools (FAS), Education Voucher Scheme (EVS), and New School Program (NSP). The testing will take place until February 15.

According to PEF, the QAT of 14,987 students from 346 PEF-partnered schools in the districts of Mandi Bahauddin and Sahiwal has already been completed, and the QAT of 18,747 students from 411 partner schools in Bhakkar, Gujarat, Multan, Pakpattan, Rahim Yar Khan, Sargodha, and Sialkot will be completed today.

The QAT is an annual event organized by the PEF administration to assess the academic quality of PEF-partnered schools. It is crucial for the continuation of payments to these schools.

In the case of a failing QAT score for the first time, a warning will be given to the school. A second failure will result in a 50 percent reduction in payments to the school, and a third failure will result in the termination of the partnership.

PEF partners are urged to pay close attention to the education and academic progress of all students in their schools throughout the year to ensure a high standard of education is maintained.


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