When people think of taking a morning walk for starting off their day with some fresh air, the only thing that stops them nowadays is the SMOG out in the nature destroying thousands of reasons to motivate a person to rise early, sit outside and begin to think on a positive aspect among close circle. Lahore and several other cities have been seeing an increase in air pollution. With an estimated around 110 million inhabitants, Punjab is the most populous province in Pakistan. The situation in Lahore right now, however, is particularly concerning as the city’s fine particle count has been climbing steadily well beyond the WHO’s air quality guideline values. Numerous health issues, such as asthma, lung damage, bronchial infections, strokes, heart issues, and a shorter life expectancy, are brought on by frequent or prolonged exposure to hazardous air.

Lahore, which is ironically referred to as the “city of gardens,” has been miserably strangling on toxic air in the lack of comprehensive and consistent attempts to tackle air pollution. To alleviate the suffering of smog for the people of Punjab, particularly Lahore, all efforts should be commended. Certain measures should be taken with regard to eco-friendly actions which would assist the improvement in environment and reduce the amount of smog in this season along with the measures to be taken against the violators, and the measures to deter farmers from burning stubble to be enforced. These regulations undoubtedly aided the cause, as Lahori’s desire for a season of winter that is safe, free of smog and allergies, and one that can be enjoyed. Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA), the ongoing project of Government of Punjab takes the responsibility to protect the ecosystem around our city with the help of the inhabitants. RUDA, at the same time, is taking preventive measures in disposing off the waste responsibly to protect the environment from polluted air, as the Authority believes that every citizen of Pakistan should take a stroll through the city of gardens’ brisk streets while taking pleasure in the dwindling temperatures and a variety of delectable delicacies.

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