Street crimes in Karachi

Every few days, one gets to hear of someone having been shot dead during mugging incidents. Most such incidents involve university students; people in the prime of their lives looking ahead to enrich their lives and those of people around them. There is a general sense of shock and grief in society. The rise in such incidents has left us all traumatised, with nobody being sure anymore about the security and safety of citizens at large.

One wonders if the rising inflation is the cause, or it is the deteriorating law and order situation which is behind the wave of street crimes in Karachi. Indeed, nobody knows if the two phenomena are interlinked.

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Robberies and muggings mean the citizens of Karachi are equally unsafe outside and inside their homes. Mainstream and social media are full of such unfortunate incidents just about every day. However, there is hardly any action taken by the authorities to set things right.

A lot of mugging cases have been reported by students waiting for their university points. Again, no particular arrangements have been seen around colleges and universities. All this is seriously frustrating.

The law-enforcement agencies need to wake up and take appropriate action so the citizens, especially the students, may feel safe and continue their academic activities.



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