Pakistan calls for UN action against rights violations in occupied Palestine

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan has called on the Security Council to act “swiftly and resolutely”  to bring a halt to a host of Israel’s human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territory and continuous provocations at the Temple Mount, or al-Aqsa Mosque compound, ensure its compliance with international law, and implement the resolutions on the conflict.

Speaking in the 15-member body’s debate on the grim situation in the Middle East, Ambassador Munir Akram said the two-state solution, envisaging the establishment of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, offers the only solution to the conflict.

“The rising extremism in Israeli leadership must not be allowed to foreclose this solution,” the envoy said, referring to the new far-right government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

“There is no question in anybody’s mind that Israel’s actions in the occupied Palestinian lands — the seizure of land and properties for Israeli settlements; the violence against unarmed Palestinian children, women and men; the blockade of Gaza; and the desecration of Holy al-Aqsa — are of all grave violations of Security Council resolutions and international law, including humanitarian law,” Akram added.

The meeting took place in the wake of a strong statement signed by more than 90 countries, including Pakistan, expressing “deep concern” at Israel’s punitive measures against the Palestinians following a General Assembly’s resolution calling on the world court to give an opinion on the legal consequences of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

The signatories called for a reversal of the Israeli measures, saying regardless of their position on the 193-member Assembly’s landmark resolution, “we reject punitive measures in response to a request for an advisory opinion by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).”

In his remarks, Akram said they look forward to the advisory opinion of the international court of justice on the legal implications of Israeli occupations.

“We expect that the Court’s opinion will lead to Israeli accountability for its crimes in the occupied Palestine territories,” he said.

Noting that 2022 was among the deadliest for the Palestinian people, Ambassador Akram expressed alarm over Israel’s ongoing acts of aggression, incitement and provocation against Islamic and Christian holy places, including al-Aqsa Mosque.

Pakistan, he said, strongly condemns the provocative visit of the Israeli minister to the compound.

“Al-Aqsa is a holy site revered by Muslims around the world,” he said, adding: “For fourteen centuries Muslims have been loving guardians of al-Aqsa and violation of its sanctity offends the religious sensitivities of Muslims all over the world and inflames an already tense situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and could have a grave impact on regional and international peace and security.”

“Pakistan rejects all Israeli measures and attempts to alter the historical and legal status quo of the Holy al-Aqsa Mosque and demands full respect of the status quo and of international law at al-Aqsa and at all other holy sites in the occupied Palestinian territory.

“The perpetuation of Israeli occupation will not bring peace to the Holy Land. Even if they are dispossessed and disempowered by Israel, every succeeding generation of Palestinians will persist in seeking their freedom and fundamental rights, including their right to self-determination,” the envoy added.


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