The fittest industrialist on the block – Dhanireddy Sudharshan Reddy

These days fitness has become the most important aspect in anyone’s life. Celebrities tend to promote the fitness videos and “keto” diet based lifestyle more or less every day. Nutritious and healthy food has replaced the traditional unhealthy foods in the market. But it is hard to live a life that is based on only protein foods and it is hard to adhere to the demands of such healthy lifestyle as well, as we need to make time to workout in gym and include yoga as a daily habit.

There is one such person, Dhanireddy Sudharshan Reddy who can give many handsome hunks run for their money. He maintains his body like a “Greek God” and many people in the business circles adore, admire his fit, smart looks. Sudharsan Reddy has been passionate about martial arts from a early age and the love for these extremely physical arts have made him work towards a healthy lifestyle and also build an athletic body.

You would be shocked to know that he is almost 54 years of age but his looks never give away the age. When we tried to ask the secret behind his body, he smiled and said,”I want to enjoy my life as much as I can and I don’t think giving up on unhealthy habits as any sacrifice. It is highly important to understand our body and give it appropriate nutrients to keep a shape. I would prefer to be remembered as a healthy person than a man who always needed help from someone to even lift a fork. Just that idea and my passion towards martial arts drive me to gym everyday and I feel like I’ve missed something, if I don’t workout or practice few new techniques in martial arts everyday.” Well, can we say more?


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