Digital Veterinary’s service save hundreds of ailing pet animals in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The online service by Digital Veterinary start up has helped in saving hundreds of ailing pet animals in Peshawar by providing online guidance to owners besides visiting homes for treatment on nominal charges.

Launched in 2020 in the name of `DIGIVETPK’ to provide help to pet lovers in treatment of their ailing animals during corona lockdown, the digital start up continued its service and is been approached by hundreds of pet lovers in the city.

“During the last few months, we have provided services for treatment of more than 60 cattle infected with prevailing lumpy skin disease and almost all were recovered,” informs Dr. Said Jamal head of DIGIVETPK.

Apart from treatment, we also educate animal lovers and owners of livestock about preventive measures like maintaining proper hygiene, timely vaccination, fumigation and use of mosquito repellent, he went on to say.

“DIGIVETPK is the first ever mobile veterinary service in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa having highly qualified veterinary doctors who provide online service to animal lovers and also visit homes for physical examination and treatment purposes,” informs Dr. Said Jamal.

The group was formed by a few dynamic young veterinary doctors under the leadership of Dr. Ameer Hamza who is now going abroad for further studies. A female vet was also part of the group who later went abroad for higher studies.

The group now comprises six members working under the leadership of Dr. Said Jamal who joined it as member and started providing treatment in Peshawar city.

Our digital service rescued a large number of pet animals during the coronavirus lockdown
due to closure of pet clinics and restriction on movement of people, he recalled.

There are around 10,000 pet animals in Peshawar and the number of birds is much more than this figure which is kept by their lovers at home in captivity.

A number of animals and birds become sick due to different reasons mostly because of
change in weather or environment and need treatment from a qualified VET, shared Dr. Said.

He said majority of people are not aware about taking their ailing pet animal to the veterinary hospital and are in need of getting treatment at home.

The DIGIVETPK helps such animal lovers by responding to the calls and provide services free of cost on net and at very nominal charges in case of visiting home, he added.

“We have decided a fixed amount of Rs. 1000 to charge for visiting home for treatment of an ailing animal or bird while the cost of medicine is borne by the owner,” Said apprised.
The group, he continued, is planning to expand services in other cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and soon a group of doctors will join from Swabi district, he disclosed.

We are also considering to launch our own `app’ on the Google play store for making public access to digital veterinary services much easier.

Presently the group is being approached by animal lovers through google search and on a facebook page.

The service is also providing relief to mediocre people with low earning who love animals and birds and keep them at their homes, but avoid visiting private pet clinics due to excessive charging.

The mobile veterinary service is launched with the spirit of saving lives of ailing animals and birds who need attention and care and with this objective we will continue to work in the whole province, Said vows.


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