51st National Day of UAE observed in Pakistan with enthusiasm

ISLAMABAD: UAE Ambassador to Pakistan Hamad Obaid Ibrahim Alzaabi on Thursday hosted a reception, here at a local hotel, to mark the 51st National Day of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

There was a huge participation from the diplomatic and journalistic community in the colourful reception where the UAE envoy received all the guests with great vigour.

Addressing the celebration ceremony, the ambassador said this cheerful gathering was clear evidence of enthusiasm and affection between the brotherly people and governments of our two countries.

“Indeed, I consider this event as Fifty First celebration of our friendly relations and cooperation, and I am confident that this bond of brotherhood will further enhance in various sectors and broader horizons.”

He said the celebration this year came with the visionary leadership of UAE President Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Vice President, Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who adopted the “Principles of the 50” as guidelines for a new phase of growth and development over the next 50 years.

He said the miraculous accomplishments in the areas of development over the last year coincided with the unprecedented success of UAE, which had the pride to not only host international events but to successfully host the EXPO 2020 amid the gigantic participation of more than 192 countries and thousands of multinational and leading companies.

The envoy said the UAE adopted economic strategies that stimulated economic diversification away from oil, and working to build an economy based on knowledge and diversity, reinforced by scientific and technological progress, and to provide impetus for investment in digital and circular economies, as well as sectors based on artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The UAE, he said, believed that the future of regional security depended on strong multilateral partnerships and a common commitment to achieving stability and prosperity through peaceful political and economic means.

“The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements will continue to pave the way for more opportunities for the people of the region and open the way for the vital economic development of the Middle East, accelerating and enhancing trade across nations and increasing the ease of doing business throughout the region, and in other markets such as Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.”

He said the United Arab Emirates had become an important trade hub, and “it is aware of the necessity of prosperity and the free flow of goods and services as a fundamental principle for any modern and peaceful forward-looking country, and the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements are the latest step in this regard.”

He said the UAE had deep and distinguished relations with all countries, which reinforced and reflected its principles based on openness, partnership, building bridges, and working to consolidate peace, and the common interests of countries and peoples, in a way that contributes to achieving international peace and security.

He said the United Arab Emirates was committed to international aid based on the principle of humanity and solidarity which stated, “The Emirates’ foreign humanitarian aid is essential to its vision and moral duty towards less fortunate peoples. Our foreign humanitarian aid is not tied to religion, race, color, or culture.”

He said this year the brotherly people of Pakistan confronted the territorial rains and devastating floods resulted by the global climate change, claiming more than 1700 precious lives damaging people, live stocks and lands.

As the UAE’s wise leadership always stood first to assist and provide humanitarian support to the brotherly Pakistani people as and when needed in times of national crisis and natural calamities, it remained the largest relief assistance provider to the flood affectees.

He said upon directives of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, an air bridge of humanitarian aid has been established which carried 57 flights to Pakistan, and 205 containers arrived Pakistan carrying thousand tons of foods, health packages and various shelter materials, beside the UAE NGO’s such as UAE Red Crescent, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation and other charitable organizations are still working in fields to provide rescue and relief assistance aid to the victims of devastating floods.

Speaking on the occasion, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said he personally had special Love and affection for UAE.

“We stood by each other. In times of distress in times of crisis. It’s a time-tested friendship which will survive all tests of time and it will be there forever,” he said, while felicitating the UAE nation and the Royal family on its 51st national day.

He hoped that the bilateral relations between the two countries would further strengthen and that cooperation between them grew to a level Which would be recorded in the history.


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