Hanging threat

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) areas in Karachi has been built over several decades, but there are some serious problems that have never been taken proper care of. Poor roads, ineffective drainage and serious security issues are part of life in what is generally referred to as the ‘posh’ area of the city.

A relatively new problem is that of jumbled wires hanging loosely from one electricity pole to the other. These are probably cables supplying internet connectivity to various neighbourhoods within the sprawling community. The local administration a while ago was planning on having all such cables run underground, but nothing happened beyond the ‘planning’ stage.

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These hanging wires pose serious threat to the life of any unsuspecting passer-by, especially to children in the area and those who come to collect garbage from the houses.

Despite several complaints, no concrete action has been taken so far. Surely, the DHA supervisors must have also noticed these wires, but they choose to turn a blind eye to the matter, which is well within their means to sort out. All that needs to be done is for the administration to give a deadline to internet service providers and their vendors operating across the society to have the matter fixed.

The administration should do something about these hanging wires before they claim a precious life or two. The threat is serious.



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