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The situation prevailing in government hospitals is rather bleak. These hospitals are bound to provide standard healthcare to patients free of cost, but that is not what happens in reality. The best one can hope to get in state-run health facilities is a prescription, and, if needed and available, a hospital bed. The rest, including the medicines and surgical supplies, have to be arranged by the family.

This is strange because we keep hearing of millions of rupees going to state-run hospitals in every budget? Does the administrative cost consume all those millions? If so, the budget has to specify the various heads under which the money should be spent. Or, is there some element of corruption that siphons money out of the system? If that is the case, the government should sort the matter out. Why should the common man suffer?

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As things stand today, most patients requiring medical attention either go to private hospitals, or free facilities run by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and non-profit entities, like the Indus Hospital so they may get the care they need without any financial burden involved. This puts extra strain on these facilities, which should not happen.

Provision of healthcare is the responsibility of the government, and not of the charitable organisations. Unfortunately, nothing is being done to improve the status of healthcare in government hospitals. The authorities concerned need to take action and address the huge problem.



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