Gas, electricity distribution: Sindh minister writes to centre over ‘injustice’

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Energy Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh on Saturday asserted that the federal government was doing justice with Sindh in the distribution of gas and electricity, asking the centre to resolve the issues.

In a letter addressed to Musadik Masood Malik, – State Minister for Petroleum, Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh expressed his concern over the ‘injustice with Sindh’ in the distribution of gas and electricity and fulfillment of its demands.

“Despite the fact that the important matters arising out of the Constitutional provisions has been taken up from time to time with the Federal Government, but no action could be taken so far,” he noted in the letter.

The provincial minister noted that there was an acute gas shortage in Sindh. “People of province are facing severe problems due to the gas loadshedding, while industries are facing closures, which is not only creating unemployment and is also a loss to National Economy,” he added.

Sindh is producing 2.111 MMcf/day of gas whereas its own requirement is 1600-1700 MMcf/day,” he pointed out, adding that only 700-800 of gas was being provided to the province.

He demanded a fresh Gas allocation policy to be chalked out for the province, in consultation with the Sindh Government.  He also demanded that the federal government give Sindh representation in the federal energy regulatory bodies and in K-Electric’s board of directors.

Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh assured that the provincial representatives would effectively play their due role in the respective boards of the companies for the development of oil and gas in the province in the greater national interest of the country.



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