KP govt allocates Rs19b for local bodies in Peshawar district

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has allocated Rs19 billion for the local governments in provincial capital, Peshawar.

The KP government has released details of funds which also include Rs3.47 billion for development fund. The details show that Rs12.81 billion will be allotted for salaries of employees of subordinate departments and Rs724 million for ongoing local government expenses in Peshawar district.

Similarly, Rs68 million will be released to Tehsil Municipal Administrations (TMAs) while Rs274 million to village and neighborhood councils. Rs316 million will be released to Peshawar City, Rs80 million to TMA Pashtakhara, Rs72 million to TMA Shah Alam, Rs83 million to TMA Chamkani, Rs71 million to Badhaber, and Rs72 million to TMA Mathra.

In terms of development funds, Rs918m were allocated to Peshawar City and Rs612m to village and neighborhood councils of the city, Rs234mn to Tehsil Peshtakhra and Rs156mn to its village and neighborhood councils, Rs222m to Tehsil Shah Alam and Rs148mn rupees to its village and neighborhood councils.

Similarly, Rs206mn has been allocated for Tehsil Mathra while Rs137mn to its village and neighborhood councils. Rs262mn to Tehsil Chamkani while Rs210 million and its village and neighborhood councils. Rs210mn has been allocated to Tehsil Badhaber while Rs140m to  village and neighborhood councils.

The details provide that Rs893mn will be released to Tehsil Hassan Khel of Peshawar for the salaries of government employees while Rs41 million for ongoing expenses. Rs5mn will be issued as local council grant and Rs5mn as TMA grant for same tehsil. Tehsil Hasan Khel will also get Rs31mn as development funds and Rs20mn for its village councils.



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