Impact of mobile phones

Ease is good, but too much ease is harmful for our emotional and psychological wellbeing. For those looking for a proof, one doesn’t need to look any farther than our youth and their use of cellphones.

No youngster today is complete without a cellphone and the incessant usage of instant and social media messaging apps. From morning till late in the night, all their affairs and communications appear to be conducted via text or social media.

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Though inescapable and definitely a necessity in modern times, excessive exposure to informal texting language, where words are abbreviated or cut short for typing ease, results in their misplaced adoption of such shortcuts in other essential spheres, significantly affecting the literacy skills of students.

Young people who are used to phrases, such as ‘Bcz’ instead of ‘because’ or ‘IDK’ instead of “I don’t know”, also tend to use them in academic and professional settings, reducing their overall quality of work.

They get so used to the informal way of writing that they reduce their capabilities of differentiating between informal and formal settings and expanding their understanding of the use and impact of language and good communication practices.

More often than not, the youngsters, who are so used to emoji suggestions on their phones, fail to come up with proper emotional responses to real-life conversations that are marked by human-to-human interactions. This sets them back, emotionally as well as psychologically, as they miss out on productive and learning interactions with peers and mentors.

Therefore, in order to tackle the issue, students should be encouraged to lessen their use of ‘textism’ and be taught to keep in mind to use proper language and good communication practices in personal, academic and professional lives.


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