Barriers of Caste

Marriage is considered as a pious relationship in every religion. But the process of getting married varies from culture to culture. Even in the 21st century, very few cultures allow the individuals to select their life partners themselves. For instance, In Pakistan, love marriages are still not welcomed and the decision of marriage is  usually taken by the parents or guardians. Moreover, several people have set strick caste barriers for marriages. And they impose these cultures to their upcoming generations willingly or unwillingly.

Even Though, the religion encourages the inter-caste marriages but people have entangled themselves in meaningless boundaries of the societal norms and cultural values. Alot of considerable proposals are rejected just because of the caste discrimination. Many castes like Syeds opt to not tie the knot with other castes and they made their daughters remain unmarried even for their entire lives. And sadly, those who want to see their daughters to fulfill this requirement of religion and want to see their daughters happy often become the prisoner of sacrifice  just to maintain their so-called respect in the society.

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Caste biasness gives birth to loads of  social problems like elopement, honour killing and many others. Therefore, Everyone should realize that caste is just a word and it should be used only for the sake of easy identification not for the division, especially in case of weddings.



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