PTI’s comeback

There is no doubt that the same question is echoing in everyone’s heart: whether Imran Khan will come back to power after the fresh elections which have to be held to select any party to be in power? If Imran Khan does come back to power then what role will he have to play to ensure his return to power?
The answer to this question is very critical as it is very difficult to guess whether former PM Imran Khan will come back to power or not because there were a lot of troubles in the country. People faced a lot of difficulties during Khan’s government. Inflation has reached the ground and its peak amid Imran’s tenure. More importantly, the foreign image of Pakistan has been damaged whereas Khan promised to have better relations with foreign countries but he disappointed the nation by claiming to be threatened by America.
To be honest most people still love him because his speeches touch the heart and soul as he talks about righteousness, honesty, and loyalty and he says that his priority is to end corruption in Pakistan. However, corruption instead has increased during his government. Somehow, one can feel that Imran Khan is not different from the other politicians who promise a lot but do nothing.
Moreover, this is the first time in the history of Pakistan that a Prime Minister has been ousted due to a no-confidence motion. This is a historical fact that has been taken out and we see that elections are yet to come. What will happen after the fresh elections? Who will be the new PM of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif, Bilawal Bhutto, Imran Khan, or someone else?
Let us discuss some important points if Shehbaz Sharif convinces the people of Pakistan and reduces inflation, he can win the heart of Pakistanis and he would probably remain in power because Pakistan is a democratic country where the people have to choose their rulers. So, if any party be it PTI or any other who convinces the people will probably regain power. In simple words, if Shehbaz Sharif works hard, then Imran Khan may not come to power again. If the current government fails to do that, it may happen that Imran Khan will win.
However, Khan has done numerous things for Pakistan during his government, he has brought the Trade Deficit down to $21 billion from $37 billion. According to one of his speeches at Roshan, Digital Pakistan has repaid foreign loans worth Rs20 billion. This is really lovable to know that he raised the Kashmir issue to international forums. He worked on the health for he issued a healthcare card “sehat card”. Over Rs 150 billion was distributed among the poor and needy people across Pakistan in the name of the Ehsas Program. His achievements and work for Pakistan are numerous and can not be pointed out in this letter. They show that there is still hope that Imran Khan will come back because he was not removed by the people of the country but because of a no-confidence motion.
We can observe that Imran Khan still rules the hearts of the people. His speeches are praiseworthy and people love to hear him. It is clear that he still possesses a majority of people. It can rightly be said that Imran Khan will be in the government again but since Shehbaz Sharif is in power, he can change the mind of the people by doing many things for the people to ensure that he is the best. Let us wait and see what will happen next. We will know in the coming times.

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