‘Whoever Nawaz secretly meets is in interest of Pakistan’: Maryam

GUJRANWALA: PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Sunday said whoever her father and fellow party leader Nawaz Sharif meets in London “is in the interest of Pakistan”.

Maryam’s remarks were in reaction to Prime Minister Imran’s comments made at Parade Ground in Islamabad earlier. The prime minister, without naming Sharif, had said: “The nation wants to know who the man sitting in London is meeting with and whose directions the characters based in Pakistan are following?”

Shortly after his marathon speech where he alleged that a ‘foreign-funded conspiracy’ was out to topple his govt and claimed to have evidence in writing, Maryam, addressing a rally of her own in Gujranwala, defended the PML-N supremo.

She said that Nawaz “is the son of Pakistan” and his meetings in London “are in the interest of Pakistan and its 220 million people”.

Maryam criticised PM Imran for claiming he had “proof” of the conspiracy against his government, saying he should have revealed the “secrets” he decided to withhold during his speech.

“He knows the corruption cases against his government will come to light the moment he opens his tongue,” Maryam said as she claimed that a Lahore-based woman Farah was allegedly involved in taking bribes [on behalf of the government] for transfers and postings. “We know each and everything”.

“Imran keeps telling institutions that Nawaz will not spare them. You must keep in mind that these institutions, this country, and the people belong to Nawaz Sharif,” she said while referring to the prime minister.

The PML-N leader alleged the the PM Imran-led government spent Rs12 billion in finding proof of corruption against Nawaz, adding that their attempts went in vain.

“We will hold you accountable for wasting this public money on your personal vendetta,” she vowed.

Hitting out at the prime minister for name-calling his opponents, Maryam said Imran Khan should be the first person to be called “diesel” in the country, “as the prices of diesel have never been such high as they are during his government’s tenure.

She alleged that PM Imran could not even gather an audience of 10,000 at his public meeting in Islamabad against his claims to assemble one million people.

Referring to the dissident PTI leaders who have been giving strong indication of their defection, Maryam said Nawaz was “the only bowler in the world who took 24 wickets of Imran on a single ball from London”.

She said that Nawaz was the first to tell “absolutely not” to foreign forces when Pakistan conducted [nuclear] explosions during his government.

She told her party supporters that Sharif and his sibling Shehbaz would soon return “to change the fate of the people of Pakistan”.


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