Affordable, technical solution for all domestic cleaning tasks

Nowadays, every one of us is busy in the race of achieving the best living standards that we can, and we want to be the best version of ourselves in a world full of unbeatable competition. But it is not easy for a lot of us to meet our desires and goals if we are always occupied with a ton of household chores that not only take up our energy but waste our time and our true potential to go out there and shine bright.

However, we can clean anything we think about, bring sparkle to our places, and add value to our work with a multipurpose cleaner.


A multipurpose cleaner can have three different sized sponges with separate functions. The flat green sponge can be used to cleanse mirrors, remove dirt layers from dishes, floors, and tiles of bathrooms, stoves, and any kind of furniture. While the puffed sponge can be useful to apply a detergent on dishes, glass, vehicle, and room windows.

A multipurpose cleaner can have detergents of two types – liquid and solid. The liquid detergent can be fitted into respective containers or placers that will be ready to use, such as sweep, acid, toilet cleaner, and liquid soap for washing clothes. The solid detergent, on the other hand, can include bars for dishes, powders for bathrooms, soaps, and mothballs for clothes.

The device can have brushes for certain tasks, such as simple brushes attached to rods for clothes, mats, and carpets of cars or homes, factories and offices, and huge brushes for wiping away junk from tiles.

It can have drying towels or wipes to dry furniture and stoves, and bulkier microfiber ones for any area like bathrooms, floors, mats, dishes, vehicles, factory equipment, stainless steel, wooden furniture, and whatnot.

It can have elongated water showers, which can reach surfaces in cases where reach towards taps is not easier, and extendable pipes, which can clean very small-sized bathrooms from outside, cars, tall structures like buildings, or distant areas, if someone is feeling lazy to get up and go clean themselves.

It can have e-cloth mop, which consists of a dusting head, to unclog hairs and dirt from gutters, the back of machines or furniture, and, areas of cars that are out of reach for a normal human range.

Moreover, a built-in blower in the cleaner can unclog cobwebs and hidden insects, if users fear cleaning areas from where insects might lash out suddenly.

A wiper, with the ability to extend according to the space and size of the cleaning surface, and a vacuum with similar specs in the cleaner will also help the users.

Keeping unheard desires of customers in consideration will be the key to commercialising this kind of product. Half of the chores will be completed by a multipurpose cleaner and precious time could be utilised and consumed in productive skills.

Mahnoor Ashraf
The writer is an undergraduate student of Forman Christian College, Lahore.


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