China to help Pakistan, BRI nations in industrial manpower development

ISLAMABAD: China has expressed its desire to continue to assist Pakistan and other Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) nations in human resource development and industrial growth as key elements of overall economic progress.
This was stated by Chen Mingming, a former Chinese diplomat, during his inaugural lecture at the first session of a 14-day-long seminar on ‘Construction and Operation of Industrial Parks under the Bridge and Road Initiative (BRI)’. The seminar was organised by the Academy for Int’l Business Officials (AIBO) of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Government officials from the BRI nations including Pakistan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Ethiopia and Nigeria are participating in the extensive online training sessions.
As per the schedule, prominent Chinese experts will speak on the topics including industrial growth and human resource development as well as operational management of industrial parks for optimum growth.
“Unfortunately, young people in developing countries, including Pakistan, have not been fully empowered through skill and knowledge,” Chen said, adding that youth in these countries have not been trained in modern technologies and have less access to skill development resources.
Chen said that China was ready to help the BRI nations to bridge this gap by establishing vocational training institutes to enhance access to technical education for youth.
“Capacity building is key to industrial and overall economic growth, which is the most important area of cooperation between the development partners,” he said.
He further said that China is a reliable development partner. He advised the participants to focus on production of environmentally friendly energy in their countries for sustainable growth. He pledged that China will support every effort in this regard.
“China will always be with you in building and operating industrial parks. Together we may achieve more for our nations,” Chen assured the participants.
He said that Chinese companies in various partner countries were training local youth by employing them in industrial parks.
Zhou Mi, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Int’l Trade and Economic Cooperation, in his lecture shed light on new trends in international economic cooperation in the post-Covid-19 era. He mentioned the steps taken by the Chinese government to curb the spread of Corona virus both at home and globally, including provision of Covid-19 vaccines to numerous countries in the world.
He also exposed the baseless propaganda carried out by western media against China in this regard. He highlighted US interference in internal affairs of Cuba and other nations, and also pointed out the rifts and conflicts created by the country’s politicians in US society. He said that out of the four regions, the Global Peace Index 2021 indicated the US as the most deteriorated region on its Peace index.


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