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In Pakistan tourism is gaining traction as soon as the law and order situation is getting better. Pakistan is full of breathtaking tourist spots such as Neelum valley, Deosai plains, Siri Paey, Kumrat valley, Naltar Valley, Babusar top, Fairy meadows, lush green mountains and so many other cultural, heritage and historical places.

In fact, a country’s image and reputation are judged on the basis of its capacity to provide basic facilities to tourists, particularly foreigners. Indeed, when India and China can earn more than $20 billion from tourism and various European countries like Switzerland, France, the UK, Italy and Greece can fetch several hundred billion dollars from tourism, why cannot Pakistan, a country blessed with enviable natural beauty? According to CN Traveller, Pakistan is ranked the number one tourist destination among the top 20 countries. This is something to cheer about and it will promote tourism in Pakistan.

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Luckily, the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) is keen on exploiting the economic dividends that tourism can offer to Pakistan. It is encouraging to see that the incumbent government is trying to explore untapped sectors that can fetch a significant amount of money to the national exchequer. For the PTI government, the easiest way to make money and fill up the country’s kitty is to promote tourism.

Now to take it further just like ‘Incredible India’, ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ campaigns, the government needs to put up its own advertising campaign on the international media to show and invite the people to visit and explore the beauty of Pakistan. Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) must launch an e-portal for visitors` bookings. Moreover, the government of Pakistan should further promote tourism with sufficient publicity. There should be more facilities; good hotels, comfortable surroundings and proper transport. Thus, this will bolster our fragile economy and portray a soft image of Pakistan across the world.



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