IHC accepts last petition of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan posthumously

The Islamabad High Court has accepted the last petition filed by Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan posthumously, who breathed his last on October 10.

According to sources, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear science held a meeting with a lawyer, Waqas Malik, just two days before his death.

He wanted to challenge the flawed MDCAT 2021 system in court. Bringing forward various objections, he said that the MDCAT had destroyed the lives of thousands of students.

He also expressed his disappointment at the government’s treatment of young doctors across the country.

It is pertinent to note that Dr AQ Khan signed the petition, two days before his death which stated that the results of the MDCAT 2021 should be declared null and void.

After the death of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, his lawyer pursued the case and filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court which was allowed for a formal hearing.

The petition seeks to annul PMC’s Conduct of Examination Regulation 2021.

Waqas Malik has become a co-petitioner to avoid legal complications. The case has been  adjourned for three weeks.

It merits mention that medical students across the country have been protesting against the entry tests held for medical and dental colleges.

Recently, the PMC announced that around 65% of candidates failed to pass the exams this year.

The court in this regard has served notices on all respondents and told the ministry of interior to produce the record of FIR registered against medical students.


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