Uncharted territory

It depends upon political leadership and their awareness of science and history, which will determine intensity of damage inflicted by this contagious pandemic COVIT-19. This is unchartered territory, where medical scientists and biologists have still to find a vaccine which can prevent infection from being contracted and give people confidence to overcome fear. We, however can learn lessons from history and authentic Hadiths which quote Holy Prophet(PBUH) on how to cope with such pandemics and plagues. This can be a long wait till we find the cure, just like it took almost 5 years by researchers to offer a vaccine for Ebola. However we can pray to Almighty that a vaccine is developed within a year, as predicted by those who specialize in control and cure of contagious infections and hopefully offer a therapeutic medicine in the interim period for those already infected.
Lock-down, self isolation and following advice of doctors is our only safe option. However if political leaders were to ape course adopted by President Trump or PM Boris, than they should be prepared for quantum of fatalities and infections citizens of these countries have suffered. Adopting preventive measures with strict oversight by the State is a safe option. In any case it is the constitutional and moral obligation of a legally elected executive to protect lives of citizens. A poor under-nourished family is more likely to die in case of being exposed to COVIT19 than being underfed with one meal a day.
Malik Tariq Ali

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