Doing the same and expecting different things 

One wonders, why our political parties do not accept results of general election or by-elections when they lose. Devoid of the public pulse, they make tall claims to move Pakistan from third World Country to a developed one but strenuous efforts in the right direction is always missing. Their main purpose is always to gain power. Not a single election was ever accepted without crying foul, rigging, stealing, or tampering allegations. They do not initiate strategic projects for future benefits, but short-cut schemes for their own publicity. The British during their rule established missionary schools, hospitals, canals, railways, and many other institutions for benefit of future generations. Our politicians on the contrary failed to establish projects with a vision. They were rather busy leg-pulling and conspiring to topple the sitting governments to lay their hand on power. They have driven Pakistan’s economy into a debt trap that is difficult to come out of. They must realize that no single person or party is responsible, but everyone has contributed to bringing the country to this misery. Instead of hoodwinking people, they should all confess their own mistakes and vow to work together for the betterment of the country. If they keep doing what they have been doing for the last seven decades, they should not expect any different results. In that case, God forbid, our country is bound to disappear in the pages of history.

Raja Shafaatullah

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