Murad makes insensitive comment about oppressed Palestinians

As Palestinians and Israelis continued to clash in Jerusalem and Gaza, Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas made an insensitive comment about oppressed Palestinians who are being attacked by Israeli forces.

In a tweet, the provincial minister said that it was “shocking” to see the Palestinians were still using stones while Israel was “armed to the teeth”.

He questioned where all the support money for the Palestinians goes and “why can’t they purchase a single gun to defend themselves”.

He topped it up with an insensitive remark about the Palestinians’ plight, asking why they were still using stones in 2021 despite being bombed and shot.

It is worth mentioning here that following violent clashes at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem, rockets were fired from Gaza to which Israel responded with airstrikes that killed at least 25 people, including nine children.



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