Body Shaming is being so standardized

“Oh you’ve gained a lot of weight” and “Oh you are so skinny don’t you get anything to eat?” These are a few phrases that most of us especially people who have chubby OR angular bodies have heard. Body Shaming is being so standardized that we do not even discern the fact that we might be hurting someone.

Being judged and criticized because of some aspect of physical appearance is very humiliating and torturing. Magazines and most of the television commercials promote the idea of typical techniques for losing/gaining weight ‘in days’ and hiding all the ‘imperfections’. Social media has also created the false image of a perfect and flawless body that it feels shameful and unusual to not fit into that graph. Body shaming can lead to mental health issues. There can be multiple reasons of losing/gaining weight such as depression, medicines and family gene. It has become ordinary that people are being judged by their bodies which is definitely mistaken. We all should understand that body shaming is not fair. Nobody likes to be censured on the basis of their appearance because they have got no control in choosing that body for themselves. We should learn to make others comfortable and create a healthy environment for everyone.

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