Karachi knife attack CCTV footage emerges as attacker and father secure interim bail

Footage reveals there was minimal presence and intervention on part of security personnel at the scene of the crime.

Two days after the brutal knife attack that took place in the limits of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Falcon Complex Karachi where two men were critically injured, the attacker Ibrahim Durrani and his father Air Commodore (Retd) Khalid Durrani reportedly secured interim bail.

An FIR was registered against the father and son who are residents of the housing society where the attack took place and neighbors of the victims.

Bail application hearing details. Source: Facebook

CCTV footage uploaded earlier by prominent lawyer and human rights activist reveals more details of the incident and what transpired after. Times stamps show the series of events, with the knife attack and retaliatory fighting starting at 10:18PM on 16th of March 2021. The second footage, a minute later shows the attacker walking towards his house with one of the victims attempting to follow him but collapsing due to excessive blood loss. At 10:21PM, with Ibrahim is in the driveway of his house when a woman and two men barge in and another scuffle takes place where Ibrahim can be seen waving a stick in his hand. The final video is of Ibrahim showing his injured finger.


  1. Corrections: I will classify this as an intentional political aggression which has a micro level non industrial political mind frame regardless of a host, Lets say applied due power or maybe enjoyment as the output favors nevertheless observed as a high minor though if the industry is mattering with this mind frame that is not a good news.

    For example the results “produced” are in favor with a clean get away.

  2. Army should set an example that it’s retired personals are not above the law. But I am dead sure that this mentally ill freak will roam like nothing has happened. The civilians will always pay the price as the proceedings will show in the coming days.


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