Islamabad imposes smart lockdown on three subsections

Amid a third wave of the coronavirus that is gripping Pakistan, officials in the federal capital have imposed a smart lockdown in three subsectors of Islamabad.

Sector F-11/1, Sector I-8/4 and Sector I-10/2 were sealed on Sunday night after the confirmation of 51, 53 and 48 Covid-19 cases there, respectively.

The deputy commissioner stated that commercial areas would be completely locked down. He also announced that permissions issued for holding all functions, festivals and gatherings stand withdrawn.

Any kind of indoor activity is not allowed. Outdoor functions are allowed only for two hours with less than 300 people. Offices are not allowed to call more than 50 per cent of their staff, the DC said.

The officials also warned citizens that they must wear face masks and maintain social distancing in public.

Pakistan has so far recorded 605,200 coronavirus cases and 13,508 deaths.


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