Social media effects

As we know that we live in an advanced society and day by day we are becoming addicted to social media and spending most of our time on different media apps like tiktok, Instagram, YouTube etc and most users are teenagers. If social media have positive aspects then it also has negative aspects as excess of everything is bad, due to covid-19 the rate of social media users have increased to about 46 million. It mainly affects students as they divert their attention from their studies and this results to their failure apart from this it has been studied that it increases the mental health issues like depression, anxiety, self- harm, suicidal thoughts. This is just because of its misuse people harm others by commenting bad, sexual abuse is most common also the crime rates are  increasing like cyber bullying. People should be aware of phishing scam, be wary of oversharing and should have to spend the spare time with family and  should think. We all have to be careful in using media apps and the authorities should  also take better steps regarding this.

Urfa Shafqat

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