Three female media workers killed in Afghanistan

Unknown assailants opened fire at the women when they were walking home from office

JALALABAD: Three female media workers lost their lives after unknown assailants shot at them in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad on Tuesday, their TV network said, in what appeared to be the latest targeted killing to rock the war-torn country.

“They are all dead. They were going home from the office on foot when they were shot,” Zalmai Latifi, the director at Enikass TV, told AFP.

Latifi said the women were killed in two separate attacks. All three worked in the dubbing department for the broadcaster.

Zahir Adel, a spokesman at Nangarhar´s provincial hospital, also confirmed the toll.

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Journalists, religious scholars, activists and judges have all been targeted in a recent wave of political assassinations that has spread panic across Afghanistan and forced many into hiding — with some even fleeing the country.

The killings have increased since peace talks were launched last year between the warring Afghan government and the Taliban — the latest attempt to end decades of conflict.


  1. Due to increasing normalcy in Afghanistan, women in Afghanistan are constantly moving forward and working independently. But the terrorist organization and the Taliban, who are hoping to get power in Afghanistan, are not tolerating this. So, they constantly attack such women. Secondly, Pakistan’s strategic importance is most threatened by the increasing stability in Afghanistan, so the ISI instigates the Taliban to do all this so that the fear of Afghan women increases and they are afraid to leave. Pakistan-sponsored terrorists are behind such attacks in Afghanistan.

  2. Allah Commanded Prophet Moosah (p.o.h) ” Thou shalt NOT commit murders ” along with other of His Commandments. So who are the people who commit murders? People who are unaware or uncaring that they will end up in Hellfire. All murderers shall end up in Hellfire. They simply do not realise that it is Allah who shall decide who is a murderer or not a murderer, not them.
    Overwhelming majority of people never search their souls before casting their stones on others. Here is what Allah said ” If I was to audit accounts of the humankind today, not one soul shall survive My scrutiny”. This tells us as to how much of sinners are we.
    Committing murders is gravest of grave transgression. Everyone who does not want to end up in Hellfire should steer clear of such a grave transgression.



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