Global warming

Global warming is increasing our earth’s temperature, due to toxic gases like carbondioxide, chlorofluorocarbons and nitrous oxide. Michael oppen heimer is a nobel prize winning climate scientist. He talked on “GS” about the global warming. He is alerting the world about the climate change. He is talking that the world is going to a new danger zone due to pollution, which is caused by new technology, industrial gases like rising carbon dioxide. Our sea levels are rising and ocean’s temperature has increased due to melting of ice sheets and glaciers. He is talking about how human beings protect themselves from global warming. He talks that we should not only optimist but we work hard and struggle about the climate change. The first climate change treaty signed by developed countries in 1992. In Paris climate agreement 90 countries participated on board. The developed countries like US, Germany, France, UK activated about global warming but the developing countries should also be activated. The developing countries like China, India and Pakistan solving global warming to less carbon and more oxygen for our ideal world and grow greenery for the benefit of society, so we should control the global warming and make our world a real world.

Hamdia Askani

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