Smart policing

AS far as human rights violations are concerned, we suppose to encounter such a trend more in our police stations. It is no denying the fact that we desperately need CCTV cameras in police stations and the absence of it gives free hand to police officials carrying out human violation. For instance, when a person is wrongfully caught and brought to the police station letter a writ of habeas corpus is filed to the court for securing his rights. Keeping in view, installation of cameras is essential so that footages can be used as a piece of evidence.

In a globalized world, we are a developing country, upgrading of police is pivotal along with the scientific evidence. In foreign countries, we can see that body cameras are installed on police officials to record each move so that the accused must not claim of being caught illegally.

Different actions are emerging day to day of police affairs in which custodial deaths, assumption of alcohol, harsh behavior on part of police officials and many more are seen, such kind of activities should be prevented by monitoring the entire operation of police stations. But when we talk about human life, the concerned authority also needs to improve the condition of police stations.

Secondly, we often see that whenever a police officer commits human violation or breaks the law he is suspended temporary rather than punishing for his act, when it comes to lodging an FIR, aggrieved person is found running from pillar to the post for his basic right he is denied of his basic right, lodging of FIR is mandatory . Our resources and taxes are being wasted. Installation of cameras will work like a defense shield not only for public but also for police officials, but the bottom line is whether police will abide by law and work according to it or will it violates, tortures and abuses physically the commons if the intention of work is positive then CCTV is a blessing but if they want to run their personal practice then CCTV is a curse.

Shafi Ahmed Khowaja

Jati Sujawal

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