Saving Quetta

Many attacks have ruined Quetta thoroughly. One another attack occured to worsen Quetta’s image. The attack was also in mosque. However, another 20 were injured as powerful explosions ripped through front row of worshippers after the Maghrib prayer began. After seeing this, army, police launched joint search operation in provincial capital agencies. I am really shocked to see the ongoing accidents are becoming more dangerous for Pakistan. It is a challenge for our country regarding terrorism. Since nowadays these cruel terrorists have not left mosques which are holy places and Allah’s most favorite places. A suicide bombers targeted a mosque killing at least 15 people and wounding 20 others. The blast took place in Satellite Town. This scenery was really bad for the worshippers. Even now we can’t bear any rebels in the country. What is this? The worshippers are humans. I myself have for many years in Pakistan. I have not observed a little peace really. Every cities, towns, regions are targeted and occupied by terrorists. The government of Pakistan is just focusing on economy. He is doing very bad for the country. In many ways, his policies are worst and bad politics and just playing with Pakistan’s community’s emotions. This is a country named Pakistan after 1947 and based on Allah’s beliefs. If we see the conditions, it is not a Muslim country. Since the Muslim’s religion ( Islam) is based on justice. But just help me where I see justice. Such powerful blasts in Pakistan continued, I promise it would leave nothing secured and in good condition. People do scream and run here and there in Pakistan for maintaining peace in the country. But the politicians are still busy in getting chances to be on high positions or superior people. Here mostly superiority is valued in Pakistan’s laws. There are such words these laws do share. But reality rule is not for all. Yet now 29 people are getting treatment and some of them are in bad conditions too. According to the SITE Intelligent group, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. Do you know if such accidents occured further, Pakistan will be in bad positions. I only want to say these Muslims worshippers have no bad signs of their lives rather those who are doing this are not having humanity at all. And I appeal the government of Pakistan to ignore other things this year. And be fully ensured regarding terrorism challenge, that’s the biggest challenge for Pakistan.

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