Medical students protesting PMC blacklist arrested

Foreign medical graduates protesting the recently released list of blacklisted institutions by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) were arrested by baton-wielding police officers in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The police also arrested the chairman of Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG) group and some doctors who were among the protesters. They were later let go, according to the Islamabad deputy commissioner.

“The future of foreign qualified medical students is at stake because of the decisions being made by the PMC,” said one protester at the venue.

Earlier, the PMC announced that graduates returning Kyrgyzstan will only be allowed to practice in the country after giving a test.

The protesters said they could not understand why these universities were blacklisted despite being verified by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The following varsities have been blacklisted by PMC:

  • ABC Academy Bishkek
  • Asian Medical Institute
  • Jalal-Abad State Medical University
  • Avicenna Medical University
  • Adam Medical University
  • International Medical University
  • International Medical Institute, International University of Science & Business
  • Jalal-Abad People’s Friendship University A Batirov Medical Faculty
  • Kyrgyz-Uzbek University Medical Faculty
  • Royal Metropolitan Medical University
  • S Tentishev Asian Medical Institute
  • Salymbekov University Faculty of Medicine
  • Scientific Research Medical Social Institute
  • International Atatürk-Alatoo University Faculty of Medicine
  • International School of Medicine (IUK ISM) (licence no: 180000058), Tokmok Campus

Talks will be held between the PMC and the FMG, wherein the PMC has agreed to accept any and all “valid” demands.


  1. President and Vice President of Pakistan Medical Commission are on the path to destroy future of Pakistani Medical Graduates and they are not ready to issue Provisional Licenses as provided u/s 20 if the Pakistan Medical Commission Act 2020.

    There is an apprehension that Arshad Taqi and Ali Raza as President and VP respectively are clearly violating PMC Act 2020 and their actions are in clear contrast with the said law.

    I request the Prime Minister of Pakistan to remove both Arshad Taqi and Ali Raza from their respective posts and order issuance of Provisional Licenses to all Medical Graduates so as to enable them to start their house jobs.

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