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Perpetual chaos

The freedom movement in the Subcontinent ended on a violent note across the region. Congress first instigated its followers, which led to anti-Muslim riots resulting in mass killings and migration of Muslims from Hindu majority areas to newly formed Pakistan. Witnessing the plight of Muslims, riots started in Pakistan too against Hindus and Sikhs. For example, a group of Muslim migrants from Nawakhali reached Rawalpindi in shambles. They narrated stories of horror and terror they had gone through. People of Rawalpindi witnessing this got emotionally charged, which led to retaliatory riots and violence in this region. These riots and violence created chaos on both sides, more so in the newly formed Pakistan. However, the Indian side under the leadership of Congress managed to rise from chaos bringing the country together and forging a constitution for the country. Unfortunately, the story on our side was not the same. It seems we went into a perpetual state of chaos. We lost the father of the nation pretty soon and could not forge a constitution even in the first decade after freedom. Our politicians, after doing away with the enemy, made enemies from within and kept fighting and conspiring against each other. This state of infighting and chaos goes on as of today. Our politicians even 72 years after freedom have not learned to behave in a democratic manner and respect democratic norms. We are amidst one of the worst pandemics humankind has ever witnessed, and the second wave of COVID-19 seems to peak, but our politicians are busy bickering and quarreling over petty politics. They are holding rallies with utter contempt of human life and civilized ways. They do not seem to have any value and respect for human life and all they care about is their selfish gains and access to power. They need to realize that nothing good will come out from disrespect for the law, life, and people. They must agree on very basics where steps are taken for the protection of the life of people and forging a strong and sustainable economy. We are if the country is and its politics are if people live. The sooner they learn, the better it is or we are going to disappear in history as a nation that never learned to value freedom.

Raja Shafaatullah