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CPEC is a gamechanger

China Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC  ) as visualized  and agreed  upon between Pakistan & China in 2013 was supposed to be a game changer particularly for Pakistan a much under developed country compared to China which has become the second largest economy of the world and posing a threat to super power , the United States .

The progress made by China especially in the last 25 – 30 years in almost all spheres has been phenomenal.

The friendly cooperation extended by China encompasses and addresses almost all the socio-economic aspects of Pakistan from integrated transport including rail , road , port , air and data communication channels to energy production , setting up of industries & industrial parks , agricultural development , medical treatment , education , water supply , vocational training , tourism , human resource development and financial cooperation , with an ultimate aim of improving the lives of people of the two countries and Pakistan in particular .

Except for the period ending 2018 , the zeal and enthusiasm in the envisaged bilateral pact has slowed down primarily due to Pakistan’s lethargic attitude in seizing the golden opportunity offered by China .

The slow progress in passing timely necessary legislation from the National Assembly by the incumbent government is deplorable. And the fact that the CPEC Authority is virtually ” headless ” for the last six months is even more shocking as revealed in the national assembly the other day .

Our powers should be accountable for such a disgusting state of affairs . The government is solely responsible for having failed to inject momentum into implementation of CPEC projects and their completion on time .

It is high time we put our acts to together  and send a positive signal to China by positively responding to its great offer of helping us .  We need to be proactive and shun apathy . We will be great losers if  we don’t .

The government needs to seize this golden opportunity and make best use of the great Chinese offer that is going to be a game changer for Pakistan which is struggling hard to survive in almost all fields .

Engr Riaz Bhutta 


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