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Child labour in Pakistan 

Child labour is a serious issue in Pakistan. With 152 million children (64 million girls and 88 million boys), 1 in 10, globally reported to be engaged in child labour, and half of these (73 million) in hazardous child labour – work that endangers their health, safety and moral development – this remains a persistent and unacceptable challenge. Furthermore, the majority of these children tend to work in the agricultural sector (71 per cent) and a similar percentage engage in work that is unpaid within the household (69 per cent). The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that 4.3 million children are engaged in forced labour i.e. the worst form of child labour (ILO 2017). It has also been documented that almost half of the population of child labourers is aged 5-11 years – the most formative age during which children would otherwise be receiving an education and developing their human and social capital. I request to government of Pakistan to take a serious action against.

Hammal Naseer