Police recover 32 peasants from ‘private jail’ in Nawab Shah | Pakistan Today

Police recover 32 peasants from ‘private jail’ in Nawab Shah

NAWAB SHAH: Police in a raid at an alleged “private jail” recovered 32 peasants languishing in detention camp on Saturday.

According to police officials, the raid was conducted at a private jail of an influential landlord. The peasants recovered from the private detention camp were produced in the sessions court, which ordered the police to release the recovered persons, police officials said.

In the previous month police had conducted a raid at another private detention camp in Matiari district, which was constructed over a brick kiln in the area where the suspects had reportedly detained 15 persons forcefully. The suspects behind the private make-shift jail construction and the capture of 15 individuals fled the area, the police said.

Reports about bonded-labourers camps frequently surface in the media. Bonded labour has been outlawed in Pakistan and most other affected countries in line with the UN conventions on human rights.

It is a type of forced labour and according to media reports, more than four million people, including women and children, work in almost 20,000 brick kilns across Pakistan to pay off family loans taken from the business owners.

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