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Early marriages

Early or forced marriages are violation of childrens’ or human rights .It continues to rob millions of girls under 18 around the world and children who are not willing to marry but our society is continuously doing this dismal act .We need to make our children educated first so they will be eligible for caring a family. The underage marriage is hazardous for their health too.Because they are not able enough to give birth to a baby in a small age .Mostly this wrong decision of early marrige is being followed by parents yet their sons or daughters are school students they make them compel to leave their homes and get a family. However, children should not be forced for early marriages rather they should be motivated for educational field.Another dangerous time is pregnancy which is considered a huge risk .Girls, who are very small, are not ready for reproduction. The hard time is their delivery time so how a small age child can bear the pains and will be operated many times .And some girls can’t make right decision for their lives , they are not sure about their life planning so it is the duty of parents to prevent them from hazardous decision .Due to underage martiages their education is getting disturbed because most of the girls give up their education because of changing families many will not be allowed to continue their higher education which is their civic right but being ignored by the society .The government needs to take serious steps to prevent early marriages , in order to promote the education for children .And there should be implementation of laws in our country.

Sidra Asghar

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  1. Syed Kazim Abbas shah said:

    Definitely government should take seriousness in regard of this act.