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Confrontational PM calls ISPR findings “a comedy”

Civil-military tensions again flared up in the country when Prime Minister Imran Khan openly called the findings of a military enquiry into an incident in a Karachi last month as “a comedy.”

“I think it is a comedy,” he said while answering a question by anchor Sabir Shakir on ARY about the kidnapping of the Sindh IGP. “I cannot even understand it.”

The statement has come just weeks before the ISPR issued a press release saying that the IGP was, indeed, kidnapped by “overzealous” officers who were responding to public pressure.

Experts predict that this confrontation is going to be lead to an absolute impasse in the coming week.

“Both sides are adamant and are digging in their heels,” said Mosharraf Zaidi, an Islamabad-based political analyst, railways, education, aviation and solid waste management expert.

“The PM shouldn’t have said that the findings are a comedy, but, yes, should dispute the fact that any of our officers are unprofessionally overzealous, but still not contradict the report because the internal accountability mechanism of the army is infallible, except when it is calling our brave officers unprofessional, which they are not, except when….” said an exhausted Zaidi before collapsing as a result of a nervous breakdown.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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