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Second wave of Covid-19

Due to the negligence and irresponsibility of public and government the situation of Covid-19 pandemic is getting worst as the results the positivity ratio of virus getting increased than 3% after a gap of 70 days. The responsibility of the government and authorities concerned do not get finished after issuing standard operating procedures rather it is the responsibility of the government to make the public to follow SOPs and it is first and foremost responsibility of the government and concerned authorities to follow the SOPs strictly by themselves. Our respected ministers and authorities always blame the public for not following the SOPs, what about their high populated gathering and ceremonies taking place in different part of the country. It is only possible to control the spread of the disease if public and government work together and follow the instructions strictly. According to a news report the federal authorities have issued multiple warnings in the past few days on the ignorance towards implementation of COVID-19 SOPs as the second wave hits the country. I want to ask that all these instructions were followed by the federal government. Not at all, I urge the government to use all available resources to follow the SOPs strictly and make the public to follow them, if someone goes against the instructions should be finished equally that belongs to government or public.

Muhammad Bakhtiyar