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Adulteration; a sin!

Rabi-ul-Awal is the holiest Islamic month for Muslims besides Ramzan. It is the birth month of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was born on 12th of Rabi-ul-Awal. He was a guiding light for the people of that time. His teachings are still followed by Muslims all over the world in different walk of life. Any Muslim who doesn’t follow hisﷺ teachings is considered out from scope of Islam. One of his Hadith quotes “One who sells adulterated goods to Muslims is not from us.” This hadith clearly states that any person who is involved in selling adulterated and substandard goods to Muslims is not from Prophet’s Umah. Yet Muslims are involved in selling adulteration of food items. There is hardly any food that is available in its pure form. Be it milk, ghee, meat, juices, fizzy drinks, spices everything is adulterated in order to get financial gains. This is not the teachings of Islam. Thankfully, there are departments working for the welfare of people and keeping check on this mafia. Punjab Food Authority is one suck department in Punjab which regularly checks the quality of food items. It makes sure that food that reaches us is free from adulterants and is safe for consumption. I urge all the people involved in this abhorrent business must stop it as they are destroying their final life after death.

Amna Naveed



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