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Faraz terms promotion of hate content against Islam deplorable

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s letter to the leaders of Muslim countries for joint efforts against Islamophobia represents sentiments of the Muslims of the entire world.

In a tweet on Thursday, the information minister said that promotion of hate content against Islam and Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in different Western countries is deplorable. The minister said that those who claim to be civilized and champions of human rights should learn to respect sentiments of Muslims.

Separately, talking to a private news channel, Faraz said that the government is utilising all legal resources to bring convicted and fugitive former prime minister Nawaz Sharif back to the country.

He asked Nawaz to come back to the country to face the corruption cases instead of criticising and targeting the national institutions especially judiciary and armed forces. He said that the incumbent government would complete its constitutional term as it is enjoying a heavy mandate with public support.

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