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The second wave

When any virus or a contagious disease gets out of hand, it does not end before inflicting unimaginable loss to human life. However, spread of Coronavirus or any other disease does not happen in vacuum, it is usually facilitated and abetted by the humankind. We either create conditions that spread the disease or fail to follow practices that curb the spread of it. We are a nation where everyone from top to bottom seem to presume themselves to be immune to any weakness or errors. While the country is in grip of multifarious crises, our parliamentarians are engaged in war for power. Though politicians have the right to hold political meetings, they have no right to violate the principles that jeopardize the life of public. They must realize that the second wave of the Coronavirus is on the rise and they must strictly follow the SOPs to stop the spread of this deadly disease. Similarly, people should also realize that no one is immune to this virus and it can strike anyone at anytime, especially when they become overly optimistic and neglect precautionary measures. While our economy is in shambles and the Coronavirus is on the rise again, our leaders are busy settling scores in the lower and the upper house. Instead of framing and implementing laws for social welfare and uplift of life of people, our politicians are puffing themselves up and their opponents down. We as a nation have wasted 73 years in trivial and superficial things instead of promoting peace, progress, and prosperity in all sectors across the country. It is time our leaders confess their omissions and excesses committed against each other and move forward as a single entirety to make Pakistan a free and strong state where people lead a happy healthy and prosperous life.

Raja Shafaatullah