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Old plans still in action

There have been long-running failed attempts to weaken Muslims and tarnish the image of Islam around the world, with Zionist planners regularly becoming part of these efforts. Muslims are being branded as terrorists and propagated that the growing number of Muslims is a major threat to the Western world. Based on this threat, Muslims are being massacred and they are being forced to leave Islam. Along with the genocide of Muslims, Islam and the Qur’an are being insulted in the name of immorality and freedom of expression. Even though insulting words are being uttered in honor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and sketches of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are being made, publishing some blasphemous material every year does not stop the process of hurting the feelings of Muslims Yes, in this regard, many arrogant came to grips and became a sign, but this evil chain is still going on.
It is clear that the whole West’s prejudice against Muslims is on the rise, but France has once again crossed the line into Islamophobia, first in France blasphemous sketches were published in newspapers and now those sketches are shown on government buildings. This heinous game was backed by French President Macron, but it is Charlie Hebdo magazine that has been involved in this nefarious act for many years. Charlie Hebdo was attacked by a group of Muslim youths about four or five years ago, killing 12 people, including the staff of the magazine, and just a few weeks ago, a Pakistani youth living in France stabbed and injured some Charlie Hebdo workers for publishing a blasphemous sketch. The attack injured some of Charlie Hebdo’s activists. Despite this, France has failed to understand the basic point that Muslims cannot tolerate any act of insolence and because of this; any Muslim can take the law into their own hands. ۔

Attiya Munawar