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Nestled in a world of conceit and conspirac

  • Evil stalks in the dark, hovers above in the light, but strikes at all times

“The world is a dangerous place to live not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Albert Einstein

Evil has many kinds, many shapes and many faces. It is a permanent presence among us. We see it, feel it, but have to endure it, suffer it. Its lethal fangs are jutting out all around wearing an ignoble expression as it plans its tricks to cause harm and hurt.

It stalks in the dark, hovers above in the light, but strikes at all times. It has a tendency to penetrate deep in human psyches and virtually stall their thinking abilities. That is when they become absolutely numb to the cause of good and embrace all that is wicked and foul. More appropriately, it makes people lose their sense of proportion as they plunge into pits of shame.

The project to weaken and damage Pakistan is the creation of the devil himself which is being promoted by his vile and dreadful disciples hiding behind deceitful political apparels. In actual effect, they stand naked in the courts of law and the people. Their politics and their time both are well-nigh up

There is much evil on display in Pakistan these days. Clad in pretentious apparel, it is indulging in an endless orgy of polemics and sloganeering, trying to integrate all those who have lost kingdoms which they considered to be their eternal bounty. They had literally built these empires to suit their insatiable lust for crime and corruption, raising edifices which they considered to be insurmountable and unconquerable. They were irretrievably immersed in the cycle of their favourite indulgences completely unmindful that time may yet generate waves with more power than their structures would be able to withstand. When that time came, they were neither ready, nor prepared to face the challenge of the onslaught. But they also could not stand by to watch their empires crumbling into dust, so they resorted to employing the tricks of the evil.

Instead of the traditional empire of crime and corruption, they decided to raise one of deception. Hiding behind a partnership enacted in the name of defending democracy, they started drumming their chants around and set out on a journey to save the illicit earnings of a lifetime. They felt that they could do it as they were used to taking turns with their political opponents in the past. They also thought that their new opponent will not be able to withstand the combined might of their pelf, deception and wicked machinations. But they made one huge mistake: this adversary was none like the ones they had handled in the past. He was different. He was not corrupt. He was upright and had boundless conviction and commitment to the cause of Pakistan which he would not compromise for whatever these vile tricksters would brandish to lure him. They did not realise that, in challenging him, they were inviting their own Waterloo. As the realisation sunk in, frustration and bitterness started taking over, thus further poisoning the environment. In the end, desperation got the better of them.

They tried to heap scorn at Prime Minister Imran Khan and his efforts to retrieve the country from the brink of disaster. They distorted, disfigured and misrepresented the facts. They tailored fictitious stories and broadcast them with a high dose of venom and ferocity. Instead of denting him, this entire repertoire only strengthened his resolve further and made him more determined in his mission to put Pakistan on course to salvation.

They thought that an economic collapse will undo him. They hoped that the coronavirus scourge would lead to a major catastrophe. They provoked the people to rise against the increase in the prices of some basic commodities. They tried to exploit national institutions to their advantage. They disheartened the bureaucracy and other services. They manipulated the media by sharing some of their illicit exploits with them. They tried their best to spread a message of disaffection and hate across the length and breadth of the country.

When none of this worked in rousing people against the government, they tried to bribe the judiciary and buy the judges. This was quite in keeping with their past traditions. Who can forget the Sharifs delivering orders on phone to the likes of Mr Justice Qayyum? Who can forget this other judge, one Rafiq Tarar, distributing cash among judges in Baluchistan to rise against Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah? Who can forget the dastardly attack on the Supreme Court by the goons of the Sharifs, backed by full might of the state? Who can forget them stabbing just about every benefactor in the back whenever they felt threatened? Who can forget them juicing every one dry only to discard them when no longer relevant or needed? They have always lingered on the fringes of being human beings, but were never quite able to become so. The animal instinct in them always got the better of them as they nestled among the world of conceit and conspiracy to advance their self-serving interests.

When there appeared no respite, they took the ultimate plunge: joined hands with their domestic saboteurs and foreign supporters to damage Pakistan. This could be done only by attacking the Army. That is the new mantra they injected into their potion and the almost-dead Nawaz Sharif miraculously regained full health and thundered madly at the top leadership of the military– something that he had been doing all along in a clandestine manner. Remember the DawnLeaks and the subversive onslaught that the popper queen, with no property inside or outside Pakistan, had unleashed against the forces through his social media team operating from the Prime Minister’s office itself?

The coalition that some opposition parties have pieced together presents a case in contrasts with all of them struggling desperately, on the quiet, to secure a reprieve from the Prime Minister. They thought the best way to achieve that was to go by the way of the military. That has not come through as the military is not interested in getting involved in matters political or judicial and the Prime Minister is ever more determined today to recover from them the looted billions which belong to the impoverished people of Pakistan.

They believe that the military remains their best bet. Since the institution did not agree to intervene on their behalf, they have concluded that they could increase their pressure by assaulting its leadership, more specifically the COAS and the DG ISI. They are currently doing this with unbelievable venom and vitriol. In the process they forget that they are playing in the hands of Pakistan’s enemies for whom a weak military is a dream which would inevitably lead to the dismemberment of the country itself.

This is where they have made a horrible tactical blunder. They have upped the ante of their petty interests to take precedence over the state itself. Their infatuation with corruption and its gains has blinded them to all proprieties of conduct. They have ended up in a blind alley which does not have a way out. The unfortunate part is that even coming back may no longer be an option for them because nothing really is going to change. They are dangling in the very grave they were digging for others.

The project to weaken and damage Pakistan is the creation of the devil himself which is being promoted by his vile and dreadful disciples hiding behind deceitful political apparels. In actual effect, they stand naked in the courts of law and the people. Their politics and their time both are well-nigh up.

The writer is a political analyst and the Executive Director of the Regional Peace Institute. He can be reached at: [email protected]; Twitter: @RaoofHasan.