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More sectors of Islamabad sealed to prevent Covid-19 spread

ISLAMABAD: Due to a sudden increase in coronavirus cases in Islamabad, more areas have been sealed by the district administration under the ‘mini’ smart lockdown strategy, Pakistan Today has been informed.

Street 57 of sector F-11/3, street 23 of sector F-11/2, street 58 of sector I-8/2, street 57 of sector I-8/3, street 91 of sector I-8/4, street 10 block-D Media Town, street 12 of sector I-10/2, street 33 of sector G-11/2, street 30 of Pakistan Town Phase 1 and street 35 of sector G-6/2 have been sealed by the district administration.

According to the notification issued by Islamabad District Health Department (DHO) on Sunday, DHO surveillance teams have discovered Covid-19 cases in different streets of Islamabad. The streets with the higher number of reported cases need to be closed in order to prevent further transmission of the infection.

Additional Deputy Commissioner East (ADCE) Asif Rahim said that 5000 people in different areas of Islamabad have been tested and around 186 persons were positive for Covid-19.

“We are taking strict inspection measures in the capital, we did inspections of 149 public places, including 13 mosques, 14 wedding halls, 24 restaurants and many markets on Sunday,” he said.

He claimed that the city administration is monitoring educational institutes closely. Until now, DHO has sealed 53 schools, colleges and universities in the capital for not following the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“We request citizens to follow all precautionary measures including wearing mask, social distancing and sanitize hands due to the alarming emerging second wave of covid-19 Islamabad,” he advised.

The writer is a member of the staff, Islamabad Bureau.