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Disrespecting the Quaid’s tomb

The father of the nation, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah spearheaded a long freedom movement untiringly for more than forty years. He began his journey by attending the annual meeting of the All India Congress in 1904 and never looked back. He stood for the rights of people of the Indian sub-continent, especially the minorities. He was equally respected and praised by friends and foes. He remained part of the Congress until 1916. However, he realized that the leadership of Congress was ignoring the rights of the minorities, especially Muslims, he joined the Muslim League. Mr. Nehru at that point suggested that Jinnah was not a true leader having support of a political movement. Mr. Jinnah continued with his struggle, mobilised the youth of Muslim League and carved a potent political force out of it. He eventually succeeded in getting freedom for the Muslims of Indian sub-continent in the form of a separate country. Alas, he did not live long to see the country win freedom progress and prosper. After his death, a tom was constructed at his burial place in Karachi. This literally has become a scared place for all Pakistanis irrespective of their political or religious affiliation. Foreign dignitaries, diplomats and prominent personalities visit his tomb to pay homage to the founder of the nation. Alas, by raising political slogans at the grave of a leader who believed in discipline and hard work rather than gimmickry, the politicians have disgraced the resting place of the Quaid. Our politicians have broken the norms of decency, created a mess and anarchy to focus their personalities and imagined popularity. The politicians have disgraced the sanctity of the Quaid’s tomb and colored the face of the nation with the worst kind of stigma. We are sorry, Mr. Jinnah for we could not accord the respect that your final resting place deserved.

Raja Shafaatullah