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Covid-19 in winter

The number of Covid-19 cases are once again surging quickly in the country.As PM khan warned the public to remain on the guard that covid19 cases are increasing with winter season and winter is approaching it to start it spread once again in the world. Everyone must follow the preventive covid19 SOPs strictly in the country. According to National command and operation center (NCOC) on covid19 active cases which were 6000 in last month but now raised to nearly 10000 in october. However, there is a fear of the onset of winter which could result in the 2nd wave of it to spread.Every people have to ensure the following sops and precautions to survive from it,because of expressing the concern over the increasing cases day by day during this month.I urge people to live on precaution to be saved and save others lives as well as save the country from such situation.

Altaf Adam